Puppy Training.

We run a small puppy class for young pups up to the age of six months, where we focus on socialising and introducing the basics such as being able to read and understand your dogs body language, manners, sits, downs and informal fun recalls etc.GSD Puppy Training

All G.S.D. puppies are welcome to join in once they are fully vaccinated.

Puppy classes start at 09:45am on Sunday mornings and last for 30 minutes during the Covid Pandemic.

To progress out of this class you will need to pass the Puppy Steps Certificate  They are basic exercises that you would need in real life, more information can be found on the Puppy Steps Certificate page.

Weather permitting we can also set up a puppy agility course with jumps and dog-walks flat on the floor, there is nothing high enough to damage young limbs. This teaches your puppy to walk on different surfaces and builds confidence so the can walk across bridges and go through tunnels without fear. Great for those long country side walks.