Charity Donations

A simple way to make a Donation to our chosen Charitys.

Usually at the end of the year our GSD club has a Food Collection and a Charity Raffle for two worthy animal rescue organisations, The Animal House Rescue and German Shepherd Rescue Elite and the generosity of our members never fails to surprise us.

The food donations are usually collected from Park Hall at Wythall by The Animal House Rescue during our last training Fun Day of the year and the proceeds from the Raffle go to GSRE.

Sadly, we are unable to do this for this year due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

So rather than let our two chosen rescues go empty handed we are asking if you could make a donation using either of the methods below.
All proceeds will be split 50/50 between the two organisations just before Santa arrives and empties his sack.

  • You can donate using:
  • Bank Transfer to Nat West - sort code: 60-19-14 Account No. 32651392
  • Look for the “Donate” Button at the Bottom of this page. 
  • Or
  • Good old chuck your change in the tin on the booking in table.
  • Many thanks
    The team at Wythall GSD Club.